Where is Armellini Logistics based out of?

We are a Florida-based company. Our Headquarters is located in Palm City, Florida.

Do we hire out of state drivers?

Yes! We hire drivers within a one hour driving distance from any one of our terminal locations. Those locations are:
Palm City, Florida
Miami, Florida
Peirson, Florida
Tucker, Georgia
Cincinnati, Ohio
Oxnard, California
Chehalis, Washington

Are our drivers employee drivers or are they subcontracted (1099)?

Armellini drivers are company “employee” drivers.

Does Armellini only hire TEAM drivers?

No. We hire SOLO drivers (must have a minimum 1 year OTR experience to be considered for solo driving) as well as some LOCAL drivers (only for certain terminal locations and must have at least 1 year OTR experience to qualify). Contact our recruitment department for current needs at (800) 428-0343

Are drivers really home on a weekly basis?

Yes! We are our own brokerage therefore we schedule our own freight. Our “major” shipping days are Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays (we do ship on other days of the week, just minimal)… our line haulers run strictly reefer trailers that haul perishable freight which means we need to deliver that freight within 2 – 3 days and get our drivers back home for reload. Our business model promotes a work/life balance for our drivers!

Does Armellini hire newly graduated drivers with little to no experience?

Yes, we do as long as the new driver is graduating from a trucking school program of 160 hours of instruction or more and can pass a road test and drug screening. A current medical DOT physical is required as well and must be valid for more than a year from the date of applying.

Does Armellini offer tuition reimbursement?

Yes, we do. We pay up to $4,000.00.

How long is the initial training period for new drivers?

That all depends… for new recent graduated drivers that are just entering the industry our on the road training program can take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks to complete (individual-based program), for experienced drivers (drivers with 3 months experience or more) our on the road training “should” only take 1 – 3 trips (trips are 3 – 4 days long).

How much is training pay?

Armellini doesn’t have training pay. We pay our drivers regular pay even though they are training.

How much does Armellini pay per mile?

We don’t pay cent per mile… we pay trip pay (no split). Trip pay is made up of three main components:
Miles of the trip (Armellini pays hub miles)
The freight hauled on the trip (53’ trailer holds 2800 cube space, drivers get paid for every cubed hauled)
Number of stops made on the trip (touch freight on northbound floral stops only)
Other payouts provided if applicable to trip (i.e. Drop and Hook pay, Holiday pay, Delay pay)
We pay miles run empty
Average pay per trip $700 – $900